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Sales and Service
Torque TechnologiesResponsive Customer Service
Torque Technologies has the necessary spare parts in stock - to provide a quick and efficient response in the event of an urgent need. We maintain a US-based warehouse and the appropriate support to coordinate a quick shipment to any customer in the USA:
  • Clutches, Clutch/Brake Combinations and Accessories are in inventory
  • Computerized application engineering for accurate Clutch/Brake selection
  • Repair at our facility or an authorized GOIZPER service/retrofitter
      Knowledgeable Sales Support
Contact our Florida office or one of our Technical Sales Representatives:

Torque Technologies, Inc. - GOIZPER USA

Warehouse Address:

1623 W. University Pkwy.
Sarasota, FL 34243

Toll Free:
(941) 358-9447
(941) 358-9647
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Torque Technologies, Inc.
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