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Technical Information
Definitions, performance of friction material, braking process & torque calculation for an eccentric press.
Combined Hydraulic
Introduction/overview, progressive clutching and braking, product range & hydraulic scheme.
Hydraulic Clutch-Brakes
Series 62
Features patented progressive double piston. Up to 460,000 lb.ft. (633,000 Nm). Series 6.21/6.22/6.23/6.24, Series 6.25/6.26/6.27/6.28, Series 6.23_/6.24_/6.27_/6.28_, diagrams, specifications & assembly examples.
Oil collectors, rotary unions with two oil inlets, control valves progressive & conventional, hydraulic control units & hydraulic power packs.
Hydraulic Clutches
Series 6.32/6.11
Up to 460,000 lb.ft. (633,000 Nm).
Hydraulic Safety Brakes
Series 6.12/6.42
Features spring engaged, hydraulic release braking. Up to 13,000 lb.ft. (17,000 Nm).
Hydraulic Series 62 Manual
Mounting & maintenance instructions.
How to select your press.
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Goizper products are designed and manufactured to be SMART and TOUGH. The patented progressive double-piston design eliminates shock loads associated high-pressure hydraulic systems. With Torque ratings up to 460,000 lb ft (633,000 Nm) they’re fit to meet the demands of your heaviest duty, industrial applications.

Goizper’s hydraulic clutch-brake combinations, separate clutches, hydraulic brakes and related accessories, include:
  • Hydraulic clutches, brakes, clutch-brake combinations
  • Hydraulic servo brake
  • Hydraulic safety brake
  • Hydraulically engaged brake

Goizper's Hydraulic Clutch-Brake System

Typical Applications Include:
  • Presses for metal forming, stamping, embossing and drawing, can manufacturing, automobile bodies, shears and die cutters
  • Transmissions for machinery and vehicles, marine engineering, stationary and mobile cranes, and multi-motor drives
  • Brakes for hydraulic drive motors of excavator wheels, cranes, winches, and agricultural tractors
  • Safety brakes for machine tool and servo-presses, and all kind of hydraulically driven machines