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GOIZPER has developed a new series of safety brakes, exclusively designed for servo presses used in the metal forming industry.

GOIZPER’S New 6.49 Safety Brake series feature:
  • A drainage system – which prevents oil leakage damage from a worn piston seal, by collecting and returning it to the oil circuit.
  • A flexible mounting system – allowing the brake to be assembled between the servo motor and the frame of the machine, at the end of the shaft or even on another shaft.
  • A safety valve – for quick oil pressure release and system response - stopping the machine in optimum time.
Goizper offers a range of sizes to cover the market requirements of the servo press industry:
  • 680 to 124000Nm brake torque values
  • Sizes from 23 to 82
  • Speeds from 750 to 3500