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Torque Technologies, exclusive North American Stocking Distributor of GOIZPER power transmission products, offers RETROFIT/REPLACE solutions using Pneumatic or Hydraulic Clutch-Brakes for OEM equipment used in metal forming, stamping, embossing and drawing, can manufacturing, automobile bodies, shears and die cutters.


  • Avoid Obsolescence - Upgrade for access to new parts and components
  • Increase Productivity - Increase uptime and production output while decreasing maintenance costs

Hudraulic Clutch-Brake Hydraulic Clutch-Brakes feature a patented progressive double-piston design, eliminating shock loads associated with other high-pressure hydraulic systems. With Torque ratings up to 460,000 lb ft (633,000 Nm) they’re fit to meet the demands of your heaviest duty, industrial applications. Ideal for single stroking applications!
Pneumatic Clutch-Break Pneumatic Clutch-Brakes feature torque ratings up to 110,000 lb ft (150,000 Nm) they’re suited to a variety of heavy-duty industrial applications.

Upgrade your Stamping Press with a GOIZPER Clutch-Brake Retrofit for Outstanding Performance, Value and ROI:

Maximize Uptime and Reliability = increased throughput.

  • 20% Higher Clutch and Brake torque vs. competitors
  • Shorter, more consistent stop angle
  • Faster brake reaction time
  • Faster stop time — 15% faster than competing brands
  • Optimized lining design — up to 25% longer service life
  • Lower Purchase and Replacement Costs
  • Up to 30% less cost for complete units
  • Up to 50% less cost for spare parts
smart-G box All GOIZPER products can be equipped with smart-G technology providing continuous, cloud-based: Monitoring • Diagnosis • Feedback • Predictive Maintenance Alerts

smart-G provides intelligent control data for each Power Transmission Component:

  • Slipping
  • Pressure
  • Clutching
  • Braking
  • Vibration
  • Wear
  • Oil Quality