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Instructions & Overview
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Cam Indexers
Parallel Shaft Index Drives
UIP Series 780 - 63 to 200 mm center distance, 1-10 stops. Ordering instructions, assembly position/input shaft location/output shaft location, technical data of UIP drives & of UIP oscillating index drives, dimensions of motorization, overall Sizes of reducers, motors & clutch-brakes. DOWNLOAD
Intermittent Turntables
PGA Series 770 - 85 to 1350 mm output plate diameter, 2-16 stops. Definitions, features, dimensions, charts, technical data, ordering instructions & tips.
DOWNLOAD Sizes 220-1120
DOWNLOAD Sizes 1460-2600
Compact Plate Index Drives
PIC Series - 100 to 315 mm center distance, 1-32 stops. Ordering instructions, dimensions, charts & technical data.
Globoid Cam Index Drives
UGI Series 760 - 50 to 250 mm center distance, 1-96 stops. Ordering instructions, general dimensions, overall sizes of reducers, motors & clutch-brakes, technical data of UGI drives & UGI oscillating index drives & technical data.
UIP Index Drive Instruction Manual
Mounting and maintenance instructions.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Welding Automation
  • Dial Tables
  • Indexing Conveyors
  • Pick and Place
  • Part Transfers
  • Roller Hemming
  • Servo Tables (flexible)
  • Automotive
  • Packaging
Goizper’s engineering expertise in power transmission - Starting and Stopping - extends to our wide range of precision, low maintenance index drives and turntables - providing repeatable, reliable operation.

Goizper’s cam indexers and related accessories, include:
  • Parallel Shaft Index Drives
  • Intermittent Turntables
  • Compact Plate Index Drives
  • Globoid Cam Index Drives
  • Complete Cam Index Drive Systems