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Bodymaker Applications

Standun Bodymakers - Clutch/Brake Retrofits
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Diagrams and Brake/Clutch
Series Technical Descriptions
STANDUN B2 & B3 Inside Flywheel Mounts
Minster 26CFC Retrofitted by Goizper 57237153WEN
DOWNLOAD Schematic
Ortlinghaus 0-420-141-77-152 Retrofit with Goizper 57255WE
DOWNLOAD Schematic
Ortlinghaus 0-420-142-77-151 Retrofit with Goizper 57655WE
DOWNLOAD Schematic

The Clutch/Brake 5.7 series
STANDUN B2 & B3 Outside Flywheel Mounts
Ortlinghaus 0-420-142-77-301E Goizper Retrofit 57655153AE DOWNLOAD Schematic
Eaton Airflex 21DCB - Goizper Retrofit 57655AE
DOWNLOAD Schematic
Goizper 583551097AD Converts an inside mount to an outside Flywheel mount
DOWNLOAD Schematic

The Clutch/Brake 5.7 series
Eaton Airflex 21DCB Retrofitted with Clutch-Brake/Flywheel assembly Goizper 57655496AE
DOWNLOAD 57655496AE-1

DOWNLOAD 57655496AE-2

The: Clutch/Brake 5.7 series
Eaton Airflex 29DCB Retrofitted by Goizper 58376088AA Clutch-Brake/Flywheel or assembly Goizper 58376454AB


The Clutch/Brake 5.8 series

Outstanding Application and Service Support

  • A full line of in-stock GOIZPER Clutches, Brakes, Clutch-Brakes and accessories are warehoused in our Florida-based facility, for rapid response, to meet your urgent production needs.
  • Direct, On-Site Replacement of many competitive brands
  • Repairs done at our Florida facility or an authorized GOIZPER service / retrofitter near you

With Goizper your RETROFIT is actually

Upgrade your Standun Bodymakers with a GOIZPER Clutch-Brake Retrofit:

  • 20% Higher Clutch and Brake torque vs. competitors
  • Shorter, more consistent stop angle
  • Faster brake reaction time
  • Faster stop time — 15% faster than competing brands
  • Optimized lining design — up to 25% longer service life
  • Less damage during can tear-off
  • Less tooling breakage
  • Lower cost

Outstanding Value and ROI

  • Lower Purchase Cost
    • Up to 30% less cost for complete units
  • Lower Replacement Cost
    • Up to 50% less cost for spare parts
GOIZPER IS NOW STANDARD OEM Text:	Goizper Clutch-Brakes are now STANDARD on all new RAGSDALE Bodymakers.