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Industry Applications

Industry Applications > Automation‚ Assembly and Welding

Goizper’s engineering and manufacturing expertise in power transmission extends to our wide range of precision‚ low maintenance cams and indexing units.

Indexing tables with a barrel cam provide high torque‚ are extremely rigid‚ have a heavy weight capacity and deliver highly accurate positioning for use in automation and assembly operations‚ such as robotic welding‚ hemming and crimping.

The indexing table with a barrel cam design is extremely compact‚ yet yields significant output capacity. Dial diameter sizes range from 160mm up to 1850mm (6 feet) for a wide range of applications including automotive assembly.

Vertical units use a cylindrical cam offering a fixed or flexible (servo) stroke on demand‚ maximum 3500 mm. Capable of loads up to 5000 kg units can be installed as: simple column‚ double [tandem] columns, as shown in the 1500mm application for the aerospace industry‚ or 4 synchronized columns.

Globoidal cam indexing tables feature high speed and torque capabilities for many applications including indexing conveyors‚ pick and place devices and other complex motion requirements.

Goizper parallel shafts, cylindrical and globoid cam index units are designed to move a wide variety of products and components with smooth precision. Preloaded for zero backlash, they have the capacity for handling high loads and speeds with controlled acceleration and deceleration for repeatable, accurate positioning.