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Industry Applications

Industry Applications > Metalforming

Providing a complete line of pneumatic and hydraulic clutches and brakes for in-plant retrofit solutions and as OEM components in metal forming, stamping and forging presses…

In-plant retrofit of a Pneumatic Clutch-Brake on a stamping press.

Goizper Clutch-Brakes are OEM components on presses manufacturing Carrier brand HVAC parts.

Goizper’s Hydraulic Clutch-Brake and Valve deliver immense starting and stopping power on this 2,000 ton press.

Stamping Press Clutch-Brake retrofit in a Range Rover automotive manufacturing facility.

Metal forming applications require heavy-duty clutches & brakes, safety brakes and clutch-brake combinations that are designed and manufactured to be both RELIABLE and TOUGH - for 24/7/365 production.

Goizper’s hydraulic products feature the patented progressive double-piston design, which eliminates shock loads associated high-pressure hydraulic systems. With Torque ratings up to 460,000 lb ft (633,000 Nm) they’re fit to meet the demands of your heaviest duty, industrial applications.

Goizper’s pneumatic products feature Torque ratings up to 110,000 lb ft (150,000 Nm) to meet the heavy-duty demands of metal forming, stamping and forging presses.