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Industry Applications

Industry Applications > Printing & Converting

Goizper’s Electromagnetic Multiple Disc Clutches, Brakes and Electromagnetic Tooth Clutches are used in retrofit solutions and as OEM components in a variety of machines used for Printing, Die Cutting and Converting applications…

Goizper provides OEM products and retrofit/replacement solutions for long-lasting, reliable operation in die-cutting applications.

As OEM components and retrofit solutions, Goizper delivers in high-speed flexo printing and corrugated converting applications.

With a Goizper Pneumatic Clutch-Brake retrofit, heavy-duty paper shears will see continued long-life operation.


Goizper’s standard Pneumatic Clutch-Brake combinations are designed and manufactured to be LONG-LASTING and TOUGH. With Torque ratings up to 110,000 lb ft (150,000 Nm) they’re suited to a variety of heavy-duty printing and converting applications. Goizper’s mechanical & electromagnetic clutches, brakes and related accessories, include:
  • Electromagnetic multiple disc clutches
  • Electromagnetic single plate clutch and brake
  • Electromagnetic tooth clutches
  • Electromagnetic spring set brake
  • Mechanical clutches and torque limiters