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Industry Applications

Industry Applications > Machine Tools

Goizper provides a complete line of Electromagnetic Multiple Disc Clutches, Brakes and Electromagnetic Tooth Clutches for in-plant retrofit solutions and as OEM components in metal forming, stamping and forging presses…

Goizper’s retrofit Electromagnetic Multiple Disc Clutches and Electromagnetic Tooth Clutches provide precision starting power on South Bend Lathes.

ROMI Milling machines are retrofitted with Goizper’s Slip Ring Multiple Disc Clutches for precision machining applications.

Horizontal Boring Mills requiring precise stopping power use Goizper’s Electromagnetic Multiple Disc.

SACEM Milling machines can be retrofit easily with Goizper’s Spring-Set Brakes.

Goizper serves the Machine Tool market with a variety of products, including:
  • Multiple Disc Clutches for retrofit and replacement
  • Tooth Clutches for retrofit solutions
  • Spring-Set Brakes for retrofit upgrades and OEM components
  • Carbon Brushes for replacement
These products easily fit - and can be found in - a variety of name-brand machine tools, including:

Juaristi Horizontal Boring Mills
Rolmac IZPE Screw Machines
Scan-o-Matic Tracer Control

Milling Machines
  • Nicholas Correa
  • Soraluce
  • Sacem
  • Lagun
  • Zayer
  • Romi

Gear Head Drilling Machines
  • Erlo
  • Ibarmia

  • Metosa
  • Mupen
  • South Bend
  • Geminis
  • Nardini